Your supply chain planning process doesn’t work in isolation. It connects to other processes, each of which is vital to running a smooth retail operation.

To draw an analogy here, installing a new planning process is less like plugging in a toaster (totally independent of the dishwasher, microwave and washing machine) and more like replacing the breaker panel in your basement (intricately connected to all electrical devices in the home).

So, what does that mean about how you can maximize the success of your new supply chain process?

It’s not about spending inordinate amounts of time and money perfecting it.

It’s about uniting all your processes, and their underlying behaviours, based on what you’re trying to accomplish and working together to ensure that the final product is simple to use and fully adopted by your people. In doing so, you ensure that all output generated by the supply chain planning process is in harmony with stores, distribution, merchandising and vendors, enabling you to achieve your goals.