At this point we arrive at payoff time, when everything we designed and built transforms into tangible reality. But we’re not “turning on a system” – we’re instilling a process and behavioural change (that just happens to be supported with new technology). Our first step is to decide which users will go live and when, starting small and expanding as things stabilize.

To prepare it for going live, we instil your Live Pilot group with, not only how to do the new job, but why.

Throughout the pilot launch, our original task force makes great use of the knowledge and know-how that they’ve soaked up along the way. Their full-time job will be to support the Live Pilot users by answering questions, helping with data cleanup, managing exceptions, logging and fixing bugs, etc.

As the Live Pilot group gets comfortable with its new role, we remove their “training wheels” to see if any unforeseen risks or problems arise. When everything has stabilized and people start getting comfortable in their new roles, we do it all over again until we’re completely rolled out, one group of users at a time.