What do shoppers really want?

Read an awesome report from Bob Phibbs (What do shoppers really want?) about what customers really want in . The key finding is that it's not necessarily about technology, it's about something more basic – more human. They want a streamlined, smooth shopping experience and they want help from people…someone to answer questions and make them feel important.

The authors conclude that “When customers have an emotional connection to the brand, they feel more confident buying and that can't be created by just putting a robot in your store; you need a branded shopping experience”.

My colleagues and friends from the LEVEL5 Strategy Group not only understand, but they can help. They have the capability to assess and measure, in depth, how customers “feel” emotionally about a retail brand. This always uncovers revelations and insights that were previously missed or unknown. From that, they help craft winning brand strategies to amplify the positives and address the negatives.

Business is not about algorithms. It's about people. It's social. And it's emotional. Winning strategies always start within the hearts of people. Win the heart and the mind will follow.

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