New Hope for On Shelf Availability


Bryan Ball of the Aberdeen Group recently published an article entitled: Flash Forward: Why Retailers Are Skeptical of New “OSA” and “POS” Initiatives. In it, he describes the Aberdeen Definition of “One Version of the Truth”:

  • One common forecast of consumer demand
  • One view of how the demand signal is propagated upstream in the (netted view for planning and ordering)
  • Automatically updated based on real consumer demand (at least daily)
  • One network view that is inclusive of the retailer's and manufacturer's enterprise
  • Time phased beyond one order lead time (typically 52 weeks to support budget/ planning)
  • One plan jointly executed

Could it be that Bryan has read Flowcasting the Retail Supply Chain? He doesn't reference it specifically in his article, however when you download it, the file name of the document is “Aberdeen_Flowcasting_POS_Retail.pdf”…

Well done, Bryan!

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